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Our guest this week on Art of the Song is Chris Sanders. Music and music education have been the focus of Chris’ life and work. Her diverse career has included teaching music at the high school and college levels, directing church choirs, playing keyboards in bands and delivering singing telegrams. She has truly come into her own as performer and songwriter since turning 50. Singing and playing guitar with the Hard Road trio, she has traveled the country performing at top acoustic venues and festivals. Her songs have won three New Mexico Music Awards. I visited with Chris in our Albuquerque studio after the release of her solo CD Rare Bird.

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Our guest this week on Art of the Song is Folk/Roots artist Grant Peeples. Grant is a repatriated ex-patriot, a self-described LeftNeck, a finger-in-your-eye sorta songwriter. “Songwriting is a contact sport,” he says. And... his mother finds his songs... disturbing. Grant Peeples is known for his axe-sharp socio-political tunes as well as Roger Miller type humor and heart rending ballads. Music News Nashville called him “a guitar-slinging poet.” We spoke with Grant in our Albuquerque studios.



Our guest this week on Art of the Song is Mary Gauthier. Her songs are about as idiosyncratic as anything in the world of “popular music.” They’re painfully personal, yet they somehow infiltrate the souls of her listeners, no matter how different their life paths. Though she lives not far from the hit-making mills of Music Row in Nashville, she admits to knowing nothing about how to write on command. She says, “I have to be called to write. The call comes from somewhere I don’t understand, but I know it when I hear it.”