We all have a song to sing! At Art of the Song Creativity Radio we believe everyone has a creative gift to share with the world. Our mission is to inspire you to find and share yours!

Why Creativity?

Creativity is much more than a buzzword or an over-used term that has lost its meaning. Fostering and developing creativity and promoting its importance worldwide has the power to transform our society and save our planet. Through engaging in our creativity we connect with our authentic selves, we discover our unique gifts, and we can ultimately find our life purpose. Buckminster Fuller, ahead of his time as he was, said that if every human being contributed his or her unique gift, the world would be in perfect harmony. We believe that through expressing our creative voices, we discover what these unique gifts are.

By expressing our creativity and thus our spiritual nature, we as individuals connect with the world at large and the greater consciousness of the universe. We at Art of the Song have been helping to lay the groundwork for this amazing transformation that is beginning to occur. For the last 11 years, we have been reaching out to hundreds of thousands of listeners in cities, small towns and rural communities throughout the country. Through music and discussion about songwriting and the creative process, we have delivered the message that we are all creative and that it is not only possible, but imperative that each and all of us express our creative voices.

Art of the Song is more than a music and interview radio show. We are engaged in important work, and we must garner the support (financial and otherwise) of individuals, non-profits, corporations, radio stations, and other organizations who believe in the importance of this creative mission. Let us spread the creative word. Let us lead by creative example. Let us grow this grassroots creative movement to transform the world!

If you have any thoughts about this please let us hear from you!

John Dillon – Co-host, Co-executive producer

Art of the Song

Through Art of the Song we have learned that creativity is a profound agent for community and for change. From South African artist Vusi Mahlasela we learned it is possible to sing a culture of hope into being during the darkest times of apartheid; from Judy Collins that the very act of creating, heals; and from Linda Mason that music created for women in the refugee camps of Darfur meant more to them than physical aid – through creative expression they discovered that we did not simply pity them but that we understood, in our hearts, their plight.

The impact on listeners is real, and they’re sharing their stories with us. A teacher of a bilingual 4th grade class used notes she took during the weekly broadcast to craft a lesson plan for her students preparing for state testing; one interview healed a rift between two estranged friends; and an elderly painter told us she feels connected to a greater creative community while listening to Art of the Song each week.

These experiences have confirmed our understanding that creative expression is an essential ingredient of what it means to be human. Engaging in creativity can make us happy, healthy and can improve our society.

Creative Gifts

“Everyone has the perfect gift to give the world — and if each of us is freed up to give the gift that is uniquely ours to give, the world will be in total harmony.”

– futurist and author, Buckminster Fuller

Creative Thinkers

“The future belongs to a different kind of person with a different kind of mind: designers, inventors, teachers, storytellers—creative and empathic ‘right-brain’ thinkers whose abilities mark the fault line between who gets ahead and who doesn’t.”

– former White House speechwriter and author, Daniel Pink

Creative Economy

“Creativity has emerged as the single most important source of economic growth… the best route to continued prosperity is by investing in creativity in all its forms, across the board.”

– economist and city planner, Richard Florida

Global Solutions

“It is through the development of creativity that we will find solutions to climate change, alternative energy, and the many global issues that face us in the 21st century.”

– green award winning former Albuquerque Mayor, Martin Chávez

Search for Meaning

“A transition from ‘material want’ to ‘meaning want’ is in progress on an historically unprecenented scale—involving hundreds of millions of people—and may eventually be recognized as the principal cultural development of our age.”

– journalist, Gregg Easterbrook