The 20-20 Creativity Solution:
Focus Your Natural Creativity
for Success, Happiness, and
Peace of Mind

From the desk of Art of the Song host, John Dillon

Dear Friend in Creativity,

If you have an interest in bringing your creativity into focus and re-discovering your passion and purpose, please read on…

You see, I’ve discovered, through my own personal experiences and through the hundreds of interviews we’ve conducted for Art of the Song, that – whether we think of ourselves as “creative” or not – we ALL can benefit from accessing the creative part of ourselves. I’ve put together a simple step-by-step program to help you access your natural creativity and give it the time and space it deserves in your life, and I’m ready to share it with you in my new book, The 20-20 Creativity Solution.

Here’s what creativity experts are saying about The 20-20 Creativity Solution:


“John Dillon reminds us that creativity is our essential nature and our true authentic expression. His book heralds a return to the natural rhythms and ways of creativity that are our birthright, but have been nearly lost in the Industrial and Information Ages. ‘The 20-20 Creativity Solution’ presents easy steps to start our personal and cultural Renaissance. A lovely bedside book!”

- Gail Carr Feldman PhD – author, From Crisis to Creativity and Taking Advantage of Adversity


“John Dillon practices what he preaches. He preaches the importance and accessibility of creativity and he practices it in his guitar making, his radio producing, and his writing – in this instance, writing an excellent hands-on guide to the creative process!”

- Eric Maisel PhD – America’s Foremost Creativity Coach and author of Coaching the Artist Within


“Creativity is our birthright. Thanks to John Dillon for his essential ‘20-20 Creativity Solution’ that points us in the right direction and offers such useful and effective tools for creative exploration. Brilliant!”

- Kristine Maltrud – Founder and CEO of ArtSpark, micro-funding and community support for artists

I’m truly grateful for what the experts are saying, however, the real reason I’m so excited about The 20-20 Creativity Solution is that I see how it’s working in people’s lives. You see, I’ve been practicing the principles I teach in The 20-20 Creativity Solution with a group of people just like you from across the country, and they’re experiencing amazing results.

Here are some of the benefits they’ve reported:

checkmark-sm.jpg More time for creative work

checkmark-sm.jpg Increased self-esteem

checkmark-sm.jpg More focus and present moment awareness

checkmark-sm.jpg More energy

checkmark-sm.jpg Clarity of thought

checkmark-sm.jpg Courage to pursue their dreams

checkmark-sm.jpg Ability to accomplish more

checkmark-sm.jpg Forgive more easily

checkmark-sm.jpg Fewer regrets

checkmark-sm.jpg Reduced anxiety

checkmark-sm.jpg Improved relationships

checkmark-sm.jpg Better sleep

In their own words:


“It has centered me at a time I needed centering; it has put me more in touch with myself after a period of closing that off. And, in part because of those things, it has increased my creativity.”

- Beth, Wellesley, MA


“I am not a poet, songwriter, or one who is into meditation, however one week into this exercise I feel completely energized, the night
time exercises clear my mind and I have slept well… I feel better about myself and where I stand in the world today.”

- Brian, Boston MA


“I feel vibrantly alive, and see my self-esteem rising. After teaching personal development for 22 years, I’m realizing how I’ve allowed [others] to interfere and negate my success, out of fear of my strength and clarity. The 20-20 shows me how to cultivate support and love for who I am, serve others with clear strength, and deflect negative or unhealthy energy.”

- Jess, Durham NC


“The 20-20 will give you a sense of power and courage to start making your dreams come true! It is not for the faint-hearted. It takes some courage to face yourself and boldness to assert your needs in the world if you are not used to it, but the Practice [as taught in the book] gives back countless times more than the time it is given!”

- Karen, Berlin MA


"The Practice is working! I’ve already started using it with clients! I’m teaching a class in March, and I’d love to use the 20-20 there.

“Lately, I’d been feeling so insulted by the news and information day after day that I forgot to be grateful… running on fear instead of love. I now know how to turn that around. My writing is now more from my own open heart. I am loving this, John. I want to thank you.”

- Cathy, Bedford NH


Supporting creativity for 35 years

Since 1975, I’ve been crafting tools to explore and enhance people’s creative expression. Whether it’s a custom handmade guitar, I built for Hank Williams, Jr. or Trisha Yearwood, generating new product lines and marketing plans for my family’s 100 year old floral business, or serving 250,000 listeners a week with inspiring, engaging radio programming, my mission to support creativity has been at the core of my work for 35 years.

I wasn’t always creative

I know it sounds like I’ve lived a pretty interesting and creative life, but I’ve got to tell you, it wasn’t always that way. I was extremely shy as a child and well into early adulthood. In fact, I was so shy that I decided to quit piano lessons rather than get up in front of an audience for my first recital. I was so shy that many people didn’t even think I had a voice! The good news is that I found a way to overcome my shyness, and to express my creative voice. This breakthrough has made such a difference in my life, that I really want to share it with YOU, and help you access your natural creativity.

Free Bonus Gifts!

As a thank you for ordering The 20-20 Creativity Solution, I’m going to give you a few special gifts. You’ll be able to download them immediately after placing your order!

Gift #1 – Special Report

A Special Report where you’ll learn how the brain works and why it’s important to develop your analytical skills AND your creative side.

Gift #2 – Special Report

A 10 minute Evening Practice you can do to begin stimulating your creativity (more will be revealed in the book)

Gift #3 – Song Download

An audio download of my song, Fast Movin’ Train with Peter Rowan singing guest vocals

You can have Success, Happiness, and Peace of Mind!

In The 20-20 Creativity Solution I show you how – through finding and focusing your own natural creativity – you can be more effective at work, improve your relationships, and be happier every day.

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One more thought…

Creativity is part of what it means to be human. Yet there are many who do not think of themselves as creative. For various reasons (which I detail in the book) our society has diminished the importance of creativity, and many of us have lost touch with the naturally creative part of ourselves.

My purpose in The 20-20 Creativity Solution is to give you an understanding of what creativity is, how our relationship to it has changed over the centuries, and how it can change over the course of your lifetime. With this understanding and the use of a simple four part practice – 20 minutes in the evening and 20 minutes in the morning – I’ll help you re-connect with your naturally creative Authentic Self. I’ll show you how, through creative expression and self-discovery, you can tap into this wise and all-knowing part of yourself to live a balanced and successful life.

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Proceeds from the sale of this book help keep Art of the Song on the air and free to public radio stations.

More from Experts in the Field


“So often in the world of business we fail to tap our creative side in searching for a solution. I have found that creative solutions outside normal bounds are often more readily accepted, cost effective, and easier to implement. John’s book is a great ‘how-to’ for all leaders. It shows us how to not only get to a creative solution, but have fun in the process. I really enjoyed ‘The 20-20 Creativity Solution’ and endorse it heartily for all leaders.”

- Ann RhoadesCEO of People Ink and board member of JetBlue Airways and PF Chang’s Restaurants


“John Dillon has written a work of profound gratitude. ‘The 20-20 Creativity Solution’ creates an atmosphere of openness to what may seem impossible, and resolves into welcoming of the new and unexpected. As John writes in his song, ‘New Mexico Moon,’ ‘Thunderstorm’s rolling out over the plains / I can feel the sun shining up through the rain.’ For John, storm and sunshine express the abundant immensity of life, into which his gratitude pours and from which his, and our, creativity blossoms – the desert flower.”

- Michael Shenkman – author, The Arch and the Path: The Life of Leading Greatly


“John Dillon’s book, The 20-20 Creativity Solution is an excellent resource for any Business Leader looking to improve employee engagement. The book takes complex creativity theories and makes them simple and easy to implement in any organization looking to improve creativity and innovation in the workforce. A must read!”

- Dianne Crampton – author, TIGERS Among Us – Winning Business Team Cultures and Why They Thrive