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HOPE ROAD – from Addiction to Recovery


There is a statement in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous that says folks in recovery are “trudging the road to Happy Destiny.” This is John Dillon’s story of happy destiny.

“John’s journey through these emotional recovery songs is raw and real. I found myself being drawn into my own dark past and the path to peace and sobriety as the inspiration of this message washed over me. It’s a wonderful reminder that true recovery in sobriety is possible.”

– Patrick D.

An accomplished singer-songwriter, guitarist, author and producer, John Dillon began his journey of recovery in 1992 at Marworth Treatment Center in Northeastern Pennsylvania. He has maintained his sobriety and spiritual growth through commitment to the 12 steps of recovery.

I was part of the hippie generation of the 1960s, and the drinking and the mind-altering substances were part of the culture… part of the adventure. And boy did I revel in that adventure. I went to Woodstock, dropped out of college, rode a few freight trains and hitchhiked all over the country for the good part of two years…

John eventually settled in a New Mexico new age spiritual community, where (per the requirements) he didn’t drink or use drugs for 8 years. When his marriage broke up and he left the community, the drugs and alcohol returned.

Experience, Strength and Hope through Live Music Performance

Years later and re-married, John found himself leading a double life – one while he was on the road working for the family business, and the other while he was home with his family.

I wake up in the morning, pour a cup of brew
Splash some water in the face of a man I thought I knew
I drink the wine to ease the pain, cocaine to get me by
How long can I keep going on living this double life?

John’s addiction reached a point where he could no longer get through a day without drinking or using. A run-in with the law was his wake-up call.

I give up, my white flag flies
I give up, no more lies 
Help me please, I’ve gone so low 
And I have nowhere left to go

John Dillon Shares his Recovery Story through Song

He found the help he needed through immersion in a 28 day treatment program and the rooms of 12-step recovery.

I finally surrendered and confessed 
My addiction had brought me to my knees 
When I truly admitted my life was a mess 
The help I needed was there for me

Service was a key to John’s early recovery, and continues to be to this day.

My life got better as I learned to serve
Took me out of my self and back into the world
I knew my suffering was not in vain	   	
If I could help relieve a fellow traveler’s pain

Life in sobriety was not always a piece of cake. There were indeed ups and downs.

Lord, I was blind to what I had
And I let it slip away
Now I’m seven years sober and I can’t go back
To the life on the Chesapeake Bay

Ups and downs aside, John is truly grateful to be “trudging the road of happy destiny!”

Trudging the road of happy destiny
Digging deep in self-discovery
My demons once got the best of me
So grateful I'm growing in recovery

John is available to do his one-man performance of HOPE ROAD – from Addiction to Recovery at rehab centers, sober living houses and anywhere the message of 12-step recovery is needed. Email John for more information: john dot artofthesong at gmail dot com

John is available to perform HOPE ROAD at rehab centers, sober living houses and anywhere the message of 12-step recovery is needed. Email John for more information: john dot artofthesong at gmail dot com

“John Dillon helps you look in the mirror and not be afraid of what you see… warts and all. He’s looking more and more like Pete Seeger every day, and sings for everyman, everywoman… everyone”

– Eileen W.

Songs included in HOPE ROAD:














“You have a way of sharing and telling a story of despair – and then hope – that would break through some of the walls that we all carry with us. For me it created the a-ha experience. So very relatable.”

– Thais F.

John’s book The 20-20 Creativity Solution offers a daily program to enhance creativity by connecting with one’s authentic self. Available for purchase here.