Art of the Song Creative Wisdom (audio download or CD)

A “must-listen” for anyone wanting to spark creative inspiration. One listener said the content was so compelling, she couldn’t get out of her car until the program finished. Art of the Song Creative Wisdom is a compilation of the best nuggets of wisdom from five years of Art of the Song interviews. Includes Bruce Cockburn, Jonatha Brooke, James Navé, Eliza Gilkyson, Arlo Guthrie and many more. All proceeds support the production and distribution of AotS free to public radio stations nationwide.

"I listened to Creative Wisdom today. I was blown away by the wisdom coming out of the speakers. Just amazing. Delightful. Inspiring. You are really cracking creativity wide open. Where and what it means and is." – Tony Toledo, Boston MA

"I have really enjoyed listening to Creative Wisdom. The artists are so relaxed and at home as they intimately offer a perspective of their individual journeys with such a universal 'tone'.. JUST like wisdom, itself!" – Lynn Skinner, Denver, CO

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Getting Your Music Past the Fear

Getting Your Music Past the Fear

by Don Richmond

Don Richmond has been a guest on the Art of the Song and a frequent contributor to the Creativity Corner. We're very happy to make Don's book available to our listeners.

"Playing music can be a joyous dance, an exquisite expression of life itself and all that it holds. Music can move mountains; music can change the world. Let your music come out and play. Get your music past the fear."

"If you've ever felt that sickening paralysis descend on you as you take the stage, this book is for you. If you've ever felt yourself putting out a stiff, wooden, forced performance when you know it could be a flowing joyous experience, you'll find help within these pages. If you know you have the music inside but voices keep talking you out of doing anything with it, you're not alone. There is a way out. Fear is what keeps you from singing that song you wrote to your friends, or from putting a band together and looking for some gigs. Fear is what keeps you from relaxing, opening up, and really putting out what you have to offer, whether in a song, on stage, or in the studio."

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