Sing Truth

Looking Back at 2020 in Song

A left-leaning perspective

(not recommended for MAGA folks)

In late 2019 and throughout 2020 I was inspired to document our political situation through song. Here we’ll take a look back beginning with the impeachment of Donald Trump.

Late 2019

Congress Do Your Job

One of the first songs written after a 15 year hiatus from songwriting. This is a co-write with my friend Stu Kuby. Thank you for inspiring me to write again, Stu!

January 2020

Dear Senator

This was written when the senate was about to vote on impeachment: We are at a serious crisis in our country. Are we a democracy or a dictatorship? Christianity Today says, “Trump should be removed from office.”  The song uses actual quotes from the CT article to describe his behavior. Please listen, dear Senator…

Me Me Me

This is what happens when there’s a sociopathic narcissist in the White House:

Greenland, Greenland

Remember when he wanted to buy Greenland?!?

Spring 2020

The World Slowed Down

In spite of my intensely political posts and songs, I am an eternal optimist. In the early days of the Covid-19 crisis, I saw an opportunity to look within (both individually and as a society) and get a fresh perspective on life in the USA. Could it be that this is our chance to make some big changes and envision a better world for all of us?

Summer 2020

The F Word

Not in America, how absurd
We never thought we’d have to use the F-word
But rising from the ashes of political mayhem
It’s F – A – S – C – I – S – M

Fall 2020

Soul of Our Nation

This was my effort as a US citizen to use my creative talents and abilities to inspire the change our country so desperately needed. (Not officially endorsed by the Biden-Harris campaign) Glad we were successful!

Special thanks to Tim O’Brien (Fire Devil), and all the artists and photographers who made this video possible.

A Perfect Storm

John & Viv mobilized their Art of the Song network to assemble a Virtual Choir of Resistance to back the duo in John’s song, A PERFECT STORM.

A PERFECT STORM highlights how the trifecta of Covid-19, systemic Racism and our country’s Corrupt Leader motivated people of all ages and races to take to the streets and make their voices heard. Our aim was to harness this energy and inspire massive voter turnout in November. Glad we were able to be a small part of the success!

Virtual Choir of Resistance: Vivian Nesbitt, Dan Navarro, Tret Fure, Joe Jencks, Cathy Fink, Daniel Boling, Jono Manson, Steve Gillette, Cindy Mangsen, Don Richmond, Jon Gold, Tom Naunas, Jackson Dillon, Jessica Dillon, Sidney Dillon-King, Tony Glaser, Katie Anne Mitchell, Catherine Reid, Annie & Rod Capps. 

Special thanks to Tim O’Brien (Fire Devil), Dave Mulryan (Vote or Die), Evy Mages and all the artists, photographers and musicians who made this video possible.

John Dillon – singer/songwriter/producer

Save Our Democracy EP

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“If you’re looking for hope in these hard times, you need look no further than John Dillon’s stunning EP SAVE OUR DEMOCRACY. From the bitter irony of ‘The F Word’ to to the inspirational uplift of ‘Rise Again,’ John rises to this critical historical moment, redefining ‘patriotism’ in humane, caring terms. ‘A Perfect Storm,’ with its insistent chorus ‘Save Our Democracy/Vote November 3rd,’ is the perfect antidote to hopelessness and inertia. Listen with your heart and soul, then go to work alongside John to save our democracy––for now and for the future. We are called; we must do no less.” 

Si Kahn 
Singer, Songwriter, Organizer, Vietnam Era U.S. Army Reservist – 1965-1971


released September 24, 2020 

Recorded & mixed by John Dillon 
All songs by John Dillon ©2020 MotherDitch Music (BMI)